Commercial law firm joins the ASTL as an associate member

Shakespeare Martineau LLP is the latest law firm to join the Association of Short Term Lenders (ASTL) as an associate member.  The association’s membership, which had 25 members and 12 associate members in April 2014, now consists of 34 members and 24 associate members.

The full service firm was created by the merger of Shakespeares and SGH Martineau in June 2015.  It covers a wide range of sectors from financial services and real estate to corporate and investment funds.  The firm already acts for 11 short term lenders, including several ASTL members, whose work is carried out by a specialist sector team.  As well as helping to defend and protect its clients and their businesses, it offers services for business transactions and growth, private individuals and real estate.

Richard Ellison, partner at Shakespeare Martineau says, “We strive to make a real difference by offering our clients the right solutions based on their individual circumstances and requirements, and we fully support the association’s drive to raise standards in the short term lending sector.

“We now look forward to building working relationships with members and associate members who we do not know already, as well as supporting the ASTL in achieving its objectives by protecting and promoting the interests of its continually expanding membership.”

Benson Hersch, CEO of the ASTL says, “We aim to give confidence to the public as well as the financial community, businesses and parties that transact with members, and the growing diversity of the membership allows us to continue to develop our offering.

“I am confident that due to its knowledge and experience, Shakespeare Martineau will prove to be a valuable contributor to the association which is continuing to go from strength to strength.”

Press release                                                                                          12 April 2016