£2.59bn bridging loans were written by ASTL members in 2015; an increase of 13.8 per cent on 2014.

As at December 2015, the overall value of the loan books increased by 20 per cent in comparison to the preceding year.  In light of these figures, it is clear that bridging is continuing on a positive upward trajectory.

Although completions are still increasing at double the speed of the mainstream mortgage market, the pace of growth has slowed over the past year. 
While the number of applications saw a 14 per cent rise year on year, there was a drop in the quarter ended 31 December compared to the previous quarter.   Given that applications tend to fluctuate widely, this drop is not necessarily an indication that completions will be adversely affected.
Benson Hersch, chief executive of the ASTL says, “Bridging finance continues to outstrip the main mortgage market as more brokers and borrowers turn to bridging loans.  Members are recording increased business volumes and it is therefore little surprise that the bridging industry has become such an integral part of the mortgage funding market.

 “It will certainly be interesting to see whether or not the decline in loan applications at the end of last year will have an impact on the bridging market in the coming months.  Either way, sentiment remains highly positive and the final figures for 2015 in terms of loans written and the loan book value show strong demand for bridging loans.”

These figures are taken from the responses from the ASTL’s members, which include most of the key lenders in the bridging market.

Press Release 11 February 2016