The 2016 ASTL Conference was sold out over a week before the event and the attendance was a record.   Delegates agreed that this was the best one yet.

 There was much discussion about the state of the economy and it was also gratifying to hear Lynda Blackwell’s remarks about the role that she feels the ASTL has played in raising standards in the bridging industry.   Susan Emmett of Savills commented on changes in the property market, with increased interest in areas outside prime central London.  Alan Capper warned about the ongoing pension funding crisis, exacerbated by the prospect of continuing ultra-low interest rates.   Nick Cartwright pointed out the pitfalls and advantages of corporate BTL.   Lord Finkelstein held the audience in his hand as he discoursed on the world of politics.   Finally, Benson Hersch sounded a note of caution, but also ended with a positive note that the UK should take the opportunity to “go for it” and turn “Brexit” into “Brenaissance”.


We would like to thank all those who helped to make the event a success, not least our generous sponsors.